Men’s Fellowship: (Mordecai Men)

At Issachar Generation Ministries (IGM), we are dedicated to raising men of valor. Our mission is to empower men to become pastors and leaders within their own homes, instilling values that will create a sustainable legacy for future generations. By nurturing these qualities, we believe that men can profoundly influence their families and communities, fostering environments grounded in faith, integrity, and purpose.

Scriptural Foundation

Our vision is deeply rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Genesis 18:18-19 underscores the importance of guiding one’s household in the ways of the Lord, while Judges 2:10 reminds us of the critical role of passing down faith and values to our children. These scriptures inspire and guide our efforts as we strive to raise a generation of men who will lead with wisdom, courage, and a steadfast commitment to God’s word.

Join Our Ministry

If you feel called to join this transformative ministry, we encourage you to connect with a member of Issachar Generation Ministries. Our team is eager to welcome you and provide guidance on how you can be a part of this mission. Together, we can make a lasting impact, nurturing leaders who will build a legacy of faith and strength in their homes and beyond.

For more information, please reach out to us, and we will be delighted to point you in the right direction.

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